Frequently asked questions

What is a Username?

A Username is basically your name, the name others which use the platform are going to see when you send messages in the chat/interactive place on the platform.

How can I change the language of the platform?

The language can be changed by clicking on the little flag in the top right part of the platform page (right next to CONTACT) and selecting the desired language from the available ones (English, Croatian, German, Greek, Romanian, Slovenian or Spanish).

What is the ERMAT Methodological Guide?

The Methodological Guide is a general guide and has the purpose of explaining how to interact with elderly people with reduced mobility (based on the data we collected in the first parts of our project) and the right way to implement the activities this project asks for (their order, aim, necessary tools/resources, critical competences to be trained in participants etc.).

What is the ERMAT Handbook?

The Handbook is a good starting point for a trainer, it contains an introduction to all the themes this project will touch when teaching EPRMs (elderly people with reduced mobility), informal caregivers and professionals how to deal with reduced mobility.

What is the purpose of each Intellectual Output?

The Intellectual Outputs for each one of the themes have the purpose of explaining how the training sessions must take place (their order, duration, type, necessary resources etc.) while also giving examples of a couple of activities and their implementation. It also talks a bit about online activities and the ERMAT e-Training Platform.

Can you provide some Instructions for activities (Practical and Group Dynamic)?

Instructions for activities (Practical and Group Dynamic): Their name usually starts with Practical Activity or Group Dynamic Activity and they are meant to tell you exactly what you need for each of the training sessions, the group activities/games you can implement and how to make sure your participants retain all the information you are going to teach them.

What can I find in the PowerPoint Presentations and when should I use them?

PowerPoint Presentations contain the majority of information you have to pass on to your participants, presented in an easy-to-understand manner, with big, legible writing, explanatory pictures and videos (of Assistive Technologies and more) and, sometimes, even links to sites with more resources.

They are usually suitable for most of the Practical and Group Dynamic Activities, but they need to be divided into pieces based on the selected activity.

How can I read the ERMAT materials in order?

There are several materials in this ERMAT folder and it might be hard to understand in which order to read them, so we created a list for you:

  1. Methodological Guide
  2. Handbook
  3. Intellectual Outputs for each one of the themes
  4. Instructions for activities (Practical and Group Dynamic)
  5. PowerPoint Presentations

How to invite friends/other learners to the ERMAT e-Platform (this site)?

In order to invite your friends with reduced mobility or other learners to the ERMAT e-Platform all you need to do is give them the address of this site/webpage (the URL) and they will be able to search for it and find it on the internet. This address is, and you can find the platform of this project by clicking the button ‘PLATFORM’ (top right part of the page).